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Bathroom renovations are not an easy task to do. It would help if you had the dedication to push through with the project. Not only that, but there is also a need to learn about certain factors that may affect the overall design. This can be a headache for homeowners since it entails them to have sufficient knowledge regarding crucial design principles. 

Bathroom renovation we completed in Townsville with orange paint finish wall and rustic floor tiles

Key Concepts 

For a successful bathroom renovation project, you need to learn about tile integrity, harmony, and balance in design. Without these things, your dream bathroom will fall apart. You must push hard to try and learn about these factors since they will significantly benefit you. 

Tile Integrity and Durability 

a common factor overlooked by many owners and designers is tile quality. However, this should not be the case since the design is practically useless if the tiles used in the renovation will get cracked or destroy quickly. To address this, you must be wary of different tiling techniques used to preserve tile life. Some of them include waterproofing, membrane application, proper grouting and more. All these lead to competent bathroom ideas Townsville.  

This phase in designing and installing can not be done alone. A capable team must help you in precise installations. Thus, it is essential for you to not only focus on aesthetics but also durability. This will help you in achieving tiles that will not only look good but also last for a long time. 

Harmonic Bathroom Patterns 

Tiles look good in any surface. This is because they have naturally occurring patterns in their shape or texture. Patterns help in creating repetition, which in turn results in easier brain processing. Due to this, the brain views tiles as relaxing images. By knowing this concept, you will have an easier time in designing your future bathroom. Also, you can apply the idea of breaking harmony for unusual designs. This is done by combining a tile pattern with a unique object such as a painting or flower. This way, the focus will be shifted to the unique material, and emphasis will be placed on your bathroom ideas Townsville. 


Balance is critical not only in bathrooms but also in design. This idea allows the brain to process data more efficiently, as it will not be too cluttered. An example of proper balance application is using a combination of dark and light colours. This results in a colour blend which is not too gloomy or joyful-looking. Also, balance can refer to the use of different objects in the bathroom. You do now want an area that is too tile-dependent. To address this, you can use some supplementary bathroom objects such as vanities or blinders. With proper usage of balance, all bathroom ideas Townsville will surely be unforgettable. 

Shockingly Attractive Bathroom Inspirations 

The planning process of a renovation takes a lot of work. With too many aspects to consider, there is a need for a design guide. This guide or inspiration can serve as the basis of your project from start to finish. Across the world, many design inspirations are well-loved by many house owners. Let us take a close look at some of them, who knows? Maybe your dream bathroom layout can come from these designs. 

Rustic Vintage Concept 

A rustic theme is an excellent way to showcase your love for some classy designs. In general, this is a clean and neat idea which makes use of several neutral coloured tiles as well as wooden cabinets, drawers, and shelves. The idea is to pair the white background with the bark-like texture of the wood, and this results in a fantastic combination. Also, you can employ patterned tiles in this bathroom ideas Townsville.  

Commonly utilized tiles are those with a flower pattern since they mesh well with the wooden feel. If you want to go extra, try to place some high lamps that have or on the higher temperature spectrum. You can even choose to install some antique faucets for the best effect  

Ditch the Mirror 

A unique way of exercising your artistry is to remove the mirror near the sink. While this might sound weird, the resulting design will be one that is revolutionary and innovative. A painting can replace the mirror, and this can showcase your love for literature and arts. Don’t worry, since it is possible to install paintings with reflective glass so that your guests can still see themselves as they freshen up. 

Bring the Corner to Life 

Corners are often neglected in many bathroom ideas Townsville. While this place might seem useless, they can be great avenues to save space and style up. An excellent example of maximizing bathroom corners is to place a corner shelf or drawer. Just remember to use proper colour combinations so that the newly installed object will be highlighted. Furthermore, do not forget that tiles can also be a great way to spice this region up. When tiling on corners or spots where two walls meet, you can make use of patterns or stone tiles to bring life to the design. If you’re not a fan of these bathroom ideas Townsville, a potted tree can also serve the same purpose. 

Retro Modernist Concepts 
Bathroom wall and floor tiling job done in Townsville with marble tiles

Many people consider marble tiles or ceramic tiles as old-fashioned. While it’s true that these materials release vintage and retro feel, they can still be used in modern applications. A great way to use stone tiles is in minimalist settings. Due to the relaxing feel of a non-crowded bathroom, marble tiles can be highlighted especially if they are placed as the centrepiece of the design. Remember to include natural lighting in this retro yet modern bathroom ideas Townsville as it will surely help in beautification. 

Final Design Thoughts and Assessment 

Now that you have a general idea about your dream bathroom, it is time that you put your plans into action. To do this, you need help from competent tilers. Our team can help you achieve such designs, and we are always willing to work with you. Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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