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Outdoor tiling Townsville is one of the most important tasks to perform in a house. It is a dream wish to have a house with its colour combination and tiling. A house becomes a home when each member of the house is happy. The vibrant colours used in the house can fill it with positive vibes. 

While designing and decorating the house, firstly we plan to furnish the interiors and then hop into the exterior part. The type of tiles that is installed in the outdoor area completes its beautification. 

The textured tile and the colourful tile, all ranging from low cost to high are all available. The tiling of the outdoor portion requires a lot of time and money as well. It is tedious to decide the type and quality of the tile for your outdoor area. Having a thorough knowledge of the kind of tiles available will help you decide the type of tile you want. 

Firstly, let us know about the type of tiles which are the most popular. 

The Various Options for Outdoor Tiling Townsville 

#1: Porcelain Tiles 

One of the most popular tiles for the outdoor portion of the house is the Porcelain tile. It is quite dense and durable. These tiles are quite suitable for both the interior and exterior portion of the house. While installing the tiles, make sure you decide accurately which tile is made for which part of the house. 

The indoor porcelain tiles are glossy, and it becomes slippery most of the time. A textured surface of the tiles is best for outdoors. 

#2: Quarry Tiles 

Extreme cold or extreme hot climate is never good for anyone. Quarry tiles are not suitable for freezing temperatures whereas the rainy weather is not a problem for quarry tiles. These tiles are water-resistant, and they do not become slippery at all. 

For moderate temperatures and hot climate, the quarry is the best option. 

#3: Slate Tiles 

One of the natural tiles which are again quite common is the slate tile. The tile is a natural stone and is a carbon combination; therefore, it is sturdy and durable. No extra work is required to make the tiles slip-resistant. 

Use the slate tiles for the area where you require slip control. 

#4: Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles are quite suitable for indoor décor whereas outdoor tiling Townsville is never the right choice for it. If we check for the type of tile, then it is again a natural stone.  

Granite tiles are slippery; hence it shall be chosen after a thorough understanding of the place and other things. 

Also, it absorbs water, making it stain prone. To prevent any damage and increase the durability of the tiles, sealing is an utmost requirement. 

#5: Concrete Tiles 

Concrete tiles are amongst those tiles, which are cost less and are high in quality. It looks like natural stone and is best for outdoor tiling Townsville. The manufacturers modify the concrete tiles according to the customer’s choice.  This is self-modification. You can obtain different colours and texture of the tiles through this method. 

Concrete tiles are of the most beautiful qualities of tile, which is readily available at a very marginal difference in cost. 

#6: Travertine Tiles 

Travertine tiles are beautiful tiles that are again a natural stone and have a perfect texture. Once installed, it can accumulate dust, making the tiles look dull. 

Polishing the tiles can make this tile durable and smooth. It is the right choice if you are thinking of decorating the outdoor tiling Townsville with it. One of the disadvantages of using travertine tiles is that it becomes slippery when wet. 

#7: Soapstone Tiles 

The name is quite right and is a common natural stone. It is smooth and is non-porous in characteristics. It avoids any water damage and is quite resistant to stains. 

This can be used for patio if it is open, which can withstand high levels of heat. 

It is suitable for all extreme temperatures; hence it is an excellent choice for any climate. Soapstone tiles are best for pool areas. 

#8: Limestone Tiles 

One of the softest stone, which is found in the category of tiles, is the limestone tiles. It is soft, and hence it is more prone to scratches and damages. If you have dry weather, installing limestone in your outdoor tiling project should always be avoided. 

#9: Sandstone Tiles 

Sandstone tiles have a lovely texture. It is fragile than other tiles, even the limestone tiles. It is made of sand compressed together, and hence it is quite soft. 

Water is a big problem for sandstone tiles. It performs quite well in dry areas. It can be a perfect choice for the backyards. But owing to its incapability to handle water, it is not advised. 

#10: Ceramic Tiles 

Last but not least; we can never miss the ceramic tiles. These tiles are quite good and are soft too. This is not the right choice for outdoor tiling Townsville. Ceramic tiles are not suitable for patios that are in the open air. These tiles, when used in an open-air, become more prone to damages. 

Not all ceramic tiles are of the same quality. Some are stronger, while others are light. What budget you have also mattered a lot. You can go to any range of tiles in this category. 


Outdoor tiling job done by our tiling expert in Townsville with brick pavers

We have seen that tiles are of various categories, and each one has its specifications. The budget is in our hands, and hence we can pick up any tile according to it. Various other factors determine what kind of outdoor tiling Townsville has to be done. 

The climate and budget are one of the prime indicators in installing the outdoor tiles at any time. Once we move towards a complete analysis of the installation of tiles, a beautiful and durable look is for sure easily achieved. 

The colour code is again, an essential factor before installing outdoor tiles. Since we have come across almost all the significant factors of the tiles and its specifications, it is quite definite that the best result is on the way. Enjoy tiling! 

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