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Plumbing is the heart of your home for it powers the essential utilities such as the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, living room and garden, among others. Therefore, without it, you can’t accomplish crucial daily tasks like cooking, drinking water, taking a shower, washing hands and flushing the toilet and so on. 

Having a basic understanding of the Townsville Bathroom remodelling problems and its components can help you carry out some repairs yourself as well as know when things are out of control and call experts. 

The article provides you with the general knowledge that can prevent the headache when doing your Townsville Bathroom remodelling problems arise. Still, don’t be discouraged from calling our experts when a problem occurs.

Bathroom remodelling done in Townsville with wood look floor tiles

Establish Your Source of Water 

You should know your water supply. Ordinarily, water comes from either city water line, single pump or residential well. 

Generally, rural residents get their water from a well that is pumped into their home. Urban residents, on the other hand, get their water from city water and pays monthly or quarterly bills. Therefore, understanding where you get your water will help when there is a water shortage. 

Test your water once per year because the condition in the well or city water treatment can change. For instance, a change in processes such as industrial or agricultural businesses in your region can affect the quality of your water. 

Experts from Townsville Tiling and Waterproofing recommends that you should buy water-testing kit from a trusted supplier in your area. The test results should reveal factors like turbidity, nitrates, heavy metals, minerals, volatile organics, bacteria, and more. 

Locate Your Water Main 

You need to know where the water main is before water begins spewing everywhere. Generally, there is a main valve close to the street and another in your compound, preferably in the basement. The bar-type level or wheel-like water main should be turned until water is cut off. 

Therefore, before starting your Townsville bathroom remodelling locate your main and practice turning it for this will help you when a crisis arises. 

Look Out for Hidden Leaks 

Water leakage is harmful and can damage the infrastructure in your homes such as drywall, wooden beams, carpet and other plumbing accessories. Regular checks will help identify the problem early when completing your Townsville bathroom remodelling.  

You can begin the exercise by turning off the outdoor and indoor spigots. Read and record your meter numbers and wait for 30 minutes then read again. There is a leak if there is a difference in the two readings. 

Your toilet could be leaking, the sprinkler system has unknown leaks, or the buried pipe has a small burst. You can now call Townsville Tiling and waterproofing for an advanced check and solution. They may recommend a partial or complete remodelling action to establish where the problem is before it compromises the integrity of your walls, basement, bathroom or kitchen. 

Unclog a Sink

Bathroom renovation done by our tiling expert in Townsville

At times your sink might drain slowly or may get plugged yet the traditional drain cleaner is not helping it. The next option should be a natural solution of vinegar and baking soda. 

In most cases, the clogging may take place at the U-shaped p-trap beneath the sink. Therefore, you place a bucket underneath this area, then unscrew the two sides of the U and clear the clog. You can use the same process when you drop your jewellery or something else, and you want to retrieve it. 

On the other hand, you can call professionals from Townsville Tiling and Waterproofing if you are still not sure how to handle this instead of risking further damages.  

Familiarize Yourself with the Septic System  

Some homeowners have a septic system, and therefore, it’s essential to understand the type you have and its different components. The septic system could be having hidden, buried or misidentified parts while others have easy-to-find ones. 

One way of finding out about it is by studying the septic diagram you receive during a home inspection, or the copy at the water-governing board in your area. 

Alternatively, a professional from Townsville Tiling and Waterproofing can help you identify these parts because they are useful in the future. You should accurately locate the parts that connect to the plumbing system during your Townsville bathroom remodelling  

Know Your Breaker Panel 

You should always turn off power to the area you’re planning to repair before you start working on it. An electrical panel of switches controls the flow of power in various parts of your home. The component has a metal door and is mostly found in the utility room or basement. 

In most instances, it has labels of different parts of your home; however, you can label it yourself again via the process of elimination. That is, you can turn one switch off and check which part of the house has no power. Repeat the exercise until you identify and label the switch for every room in the house.  

You might discover in the process that some switches are inactive or empty.  

Inspect Your Attic 

Most of roof-related and plumbing problems can be discovered early enough when you venture into your attic. Using a powerful light, inspect the vents, chimney and other areas with an opening to see whether there is any evidence of water. The same should be done around basements, under sinks and crawl spaces. 

Identify Drafts and Air Leaks 

The movement of air in and out of your home undermines the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Therefore, you can lower your bills by looking out for drafts and sealing off all the leaks that you identify during the process.  

You can use a smoke pencil or stick of incense purchased from a hardware store. They both emit a light smoke, and you can place them close to the doorways, windows, outlets, structural joints and underneath cabinets to see whether air is escaping from the house. 

After that, you can call experts to examine the insulation and make some replacements to stop the flow of air. 

Install Freeze-proof Spigot 

Hire professionals to install a freeze-proof spigot that stretches into your home and link it to a warm section of the water supply rather than the spot where the spigot freezes. The process requires pipe soldering; thus, experts from Townsville Tiling and Waterproofing can do the work.  

Trace the Water and Sewer Lines

Your home may be connected directly to the sewer lines and city water supply, or you have a septic system and a private well. No matter the case, you need to know your utility lines and where they run.  This information was supplied to you when you bought your home; therefore, you need to study the records and locate these lines. 

Call the Experts 

Contact Townsville Tiling and Waterproofing for your typical tasks and massive remodelling actions around your business and home such as tile installation, Townsville Bathroom remodelling and waterproofing.

Visit us at or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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