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Tiling Floor and Wall

Light grey porcelain tiles we used on our tiling job in Townsville

Walls and floors bring the best out of your home's designs. It is a generally good idea to employ tiles in these properties, because it can add accents to your interior or exterior design. However, you would always want a professional's help in this task.

Our team here in Townsville Tiling & Waterproofing knows the best ways to deal with your wall and floor designs. We use impeccable grouting techniques to deliver amazing and smooth finished products for your home.

Our team is devoted to providing your desired outcome through our advanced installation methods. We guarantee you with our consistent quality and communicative services.


Clients might assume that wall, and floor tiling services would cost a lot. This is a stereotype that our team wants to break because we can provide you with affordable options for your property. Through countless design and tile options, you can easily find something which would fit your budget. Once you contact us, we can provide detailed estimates on what your project's costs would be.

Our expert consultant will be happy to accommodate all your questions regarding your expected project. We ensure tiles that are eye-pleasing and durable.


As a team that focuses on client-centred projects, we want you to be in control of your property. We do this through customizable design choices for your walls and floors.

We take pride in our very flexible deals to ensure that your dream tiles are achieved. In all our projects, we let our clients exercise their creativity so that they can decide the best methods fit for their preferences.

Our team serves as a guide, dishing out professional advice which would match your decisions. Our team's strength lies in client collaboration and communication, and this helps in building healthy relationships with our customers.

Timely Tasks

In every project, we consider time as something that can never be replaced. Thus, we always try to do our jobs in the fastest way possible. Townsville Tiling & Waterproofing wants to provide its customers with quick yet long-lasting tiling solutions, and we do it through finding the best method available for you.

Our expert tilers make room for seamless tile applications, and they have sufficient credentials to back their expertise. With their help, you can ensure swift but very accurate service in the tasks you assign to us.

Commercial Properties

Our line of work is not only concerned with personal spaces such as homes, but we can also work with vast properties such as commercial buildings or government establishments. Years of experience in the tiling industry allowed us to become adept in projects of any proportion.

We have the necessary skillset to deal with large-scale projects while still assuring our clients of the quality and service swiftness. If you want a service which guarantees reliability and durability, then contact us. Townsville Tiling & Waterproofing will provide you with a service which you will never regret. We are concerned about giving you what you need when you need them.

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